Role of India in Afghanistan


The bilateral relationship between Afghanistan and India has been quiet well-built and welcoming. In the 1980s, India was the only South Asian country that identified and accepted the Republic of Afghanistan; however, their pact of brotherhood was shattered during Afghan Civil War and the Taliban government in 1990s. India’s support to put an end to Taliban’s power and won the greatest regional provider of humanitarian support to the country. After the consequences of the attacks at the Indian embassy in Kabul, the Afghan ministry labeled India as his brother. A major advancement in the relationships of these two countries was witnessed, after the signing of a strategic partnership accord.

A research estimates that about 75% Afghans would prefer India’s leadership instead of China or the United States, while 50% stated India as the most positive country in the Asia Pacific. India is looking forward to expanding its financial presence in Afghanistan as the international alliance. Moreover, it also wants to perk up transport and economic teamwork. Not only has that India also aided Afghanistan to reconstruct of Salma Dam.

India-Afghanistan working together
India-Afghanistan working together

The President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani is about to start his first state visit to India, New Delhi, to win the hearts and minds of the locals. Due to the vivid transition in foreign policy, Kabul has given perplexing signals to New Delhi.

According to an International Business Times report, India is reported to deliver three Russian made Mi-25 attack helicopters to Afghanistan and is yet to deliver an additional helicopter.

Afghanistan on way to progress
Afghanistan on way to progress

India has up to now agreed monetary aid worth over $2 billion to Afghanistan and has been concerned in immense developmental hard work.

A statement passed by US State Department Spokesperson, John Kirby that India has no doubt played a very noticeable and a helpful role in building up the country, Afghanistan.


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