Next Prime Minister of Pakistan, 2018


The monopoly in the ruling authorities and the bureaucratic system is one of the major reasons for not finding true democracy in the country. Pakistan known in the world as a democratic nation is under the bondage of dictatorship and the right to rule is passed down to the family within a family.  To hope for an educated, literate and a fair ruler to be on the chair, has become the farthest dream to achieve.

Urgent need for a wake-up call

Visualizing the current situation and circumstances, it is noticeable that no matter how many years went pass; this country needs a really gigantic push if to bring about a change. Since there is as such no change hoped for next two-three years, we will find these very rulers replacing each other.



What is important to realize is that PML-N can take advantage of on its current popularity with masses only if it runs an extra mile with its efforts towards putting the genie of load-shedding in the bottle in time. Let’s start with the hunt for the next Prime Minister from PML-N’s. Hamza Shahbaz Sharif? Chaudhry Nisar? Even Maryam Nawaz Sharif now?

With this background in mind, let’s expect some infighting within the ranks of PMLN a year or so later. Ideally, the Sharifs would want to replace themselves with their own children in Punjab and the center, with Hamza replacing his father and Maryam replacing hers or some other brand of dynastic politics akin to it.

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf

PTI has made its ambitions for the slot of Prime Minister next time quite obviously crystal clear.  He does not seem to be deterred by PTI’s failure in Punjab and Sindh in local government elections and has kept his focus mostly on governance in KP. We saw that in the recent election for the speaker of the National Assembly, PTI nominated its own candidate claiming to be the real opposition in the central legislature.

So, unfortunately, it is so sad to admit that we cannot hope for a bright Pakistan at least for next two-three years because we know our rulers and their wishes for the country.



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