Apple iPhone 7 vs. Google Pixel – A Digital Race of Mobile Phones


    Google has recently launched its very own phones, the Pixel series. They are the first phones made by the search engine giant itself. Talking about Pixel only, it has a lot of impressive features comprising of a software update, improved camera performance, and Google Assistant, to name a few.

    However, 2016 has not been the most exciting year for smartphones, but we have seen some interesting releases so far. Apart from Google’s flagship device, Apple also came up with its latest release of iPhone 7 which is not the best product in stores right now but gives a pretty good performance. Let’s see how the two latest mobile phone releases compete with each other in terms of performance and capability. Here is a faceoff between Apple’s iPhone 7 and Google’s Pixel smartphone.

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    Design of iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel

    Apple was highly criticized for not bringing something new to the table with the release of iPhone 7. Speculators have been expecting something much different, however, Apple disappointed its fans with the same specs and features again this time. Most of the design elements were inspired by the iPhone 7’s predecessor including a metal casing, flat back, and curved sides. Newer specs include antenna lines but they curve at the top and bottom while the vibration response feature instead of an actual home button was quite a disappointment.

    The Google mobile phone – Pixel is not much different than iPhone 7 but it features round edges with antenna lines at the back case. The metal and glass design combo have a fingerprint sensor which is half matte and half glossy. On the other hand, Apple has placed its fingerprint scanner at the front of the home screen sensor. However, Google Pixel is not water resistant unlike iPhone 7 which has IP68 water resistance rate. The speakers are not as powerful as other handsets available in the market and do not have an option for expandable microSD card storage.

    Display of iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel

    Google Pixel features a screen size of 5 inches while iPhone 7 houses a screen size of 4.7 and 5.5 inches. Apple iPhone 7 features a screen resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels while Google’s Pixel has a full HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. The difference is hardly noticeable on both the devices but Google wins in terms of better resolution and higher pixel density.

    Hardware and Software

    Apple iPhone 7 has been tested for its power and performance and the results are in favor of the latest iOS device. It is 30% faster than iPhone 6 and gives 12% better battery performance as compared to other devices. While Pixel smartphone does not even come near to the benchmark set by Apple.

    The iPhone 7 runs on the same A10 Fusion core chip like its earlier version but has added 1GB of RAM, making it 3GB RAM. Regardless of the same processor the overall performance and user experience are quite satisfying. Let’s see whether Pixel matches the benchmark set by iPhone 7. The most exciting hardware of Google Pixel is its Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip processor which boosts the performance level by 10%. It is one of the first devices to receive the software update to Nougat. The new software feature Daydream VR which is also hosted by Pixel. Google sure has taken an edge over its performance with the VR option whereas Apple iPhone specs and features do not host such a feature.

    Nougat is packed with a lot of improvements over Marshmallow with the split-screen mode, aesthetic design, and battery performance. Google Assistant in Android Nougat performs much better and faster than Apple’s Siri but accomplishes a limited number of tasks just like the assistant in Apple. iPhone 7 gives outstanding performance with iOS 10 which is incomparable to Google Pixel. Some of the tweaks in the updated operating system include modernized method to unlock the phone and 3D technology.

    Storage of iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel

    Apple has finally parted ways with its 16GB storage option with 32/128/256GB handsets. However, Google has settled with 32/128GB storage.

    Camera of iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel

    Google Pixel beats Apple in camera featuring 12.3MP rear snapper while iPhone 7 has a rear camera of 12MP. Both the phones compete in low light performance too with Pixel having f/2.0 aperture while iPhone 7 has a f/1.8 aperture. For selfie fans, Google has outclassed Apple with the 8MP front camera as compared to 7MP.

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    Battery Performance of iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel

    The least impressive feature of iPhone 7 is its Li-Ion 1960mAh battery whereas Pixel’s battery is 2770mAh. Apple iPhone 7’s battery is larger than its earlier version but the performance level is not up to the mark. Such high-end features aren’t available in the recently launched mobile phones in Pakistan.

    The iPhone 7 is sure a great release by Apple but fails to exceed the expectations in terms of performance. The issue with the battery is one of the major drawbacks of this device. However, Google Pixel is also a great phone with remarkable features but none of the two handsets have yet proved to be better than the other.


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