A battle of cities : Islamabad vs Lahore


In whatever city you live, you will always have a soft corner for your city. When there comes a situation, where two cities are to be compared, for obvious reasons, you’ll count your vote for your own city. As an inhabitant of Islamabad, I consider my city to be the best among all. If there is a battle of cities: Islamabad vs Lahore. Islamabad will have a smooth win.

Islamabad vs Lahore

Despite being oft overshadowed by the two bigger metropolises of the country, Islamabad still manages to be everyone’s favorite retreat. With a single stroke of the pen in 1960, General Ayub Khan re-branded a small piece of land north of Rawalpindi as the new capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan snatching away the title from the City of Lights.

Islamabad is the greenest city in Pakistan and the most planned one. According to a survey, Islamabad is considered the cleanest city in Pakistan. The city is wee-organized, being divided into different sectors and zones. The city is home to Faisal mosque, the largest mosque in South Asia and sixth largest in the world. Islamabad has the highest literacy rate in Pakistan.

Talking about the pros of Lahore, with their music, festivals, parties, music, language, art, literature, cuisines and what not, Lahoris are a unique breed. Like many other places in Pakistan, Lahoris are also known for being very hospitable. But Lahoris take hospitality to the next level and go out of their way to make you feel at home while having a great time – they’ll put your comfort before their own. Lahore is the heart of Pakistan and undoubtedly cheaper than Islamabad.

Not to forget, Lahore Lahore Ae!

With that said, every city in Pakistan plays its part in helping the country progrewhose live in Islamabad, so it doesn’t mean I hate Lahore. I love food so I definitely love Lahore and its people.

Many of us compete with each other over who’s city is better. Rather, we should focus on appreciating all the different cities in Pakistan and celebrate the diversity they bring to Pakistan.

Long Live Pakistan!



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