Top 10 business ideas in Pakistan


Pakistan is a country with not a worth mentioning economy. Nevertheless there is no denying to this fact that Pakistanis have got the brains. Either it is the field of IT or health, there is so much talent to count on for. With unemployment on the rise, youngsters are not left with much options to carry on their talent. Many seek out different ideas to work instead of sitting idle at home. One tends to work hard to achieve success in business.

Here is a list of top ten business ideas in Pakistan which can help to generate capital.

Business Ideas
Business Ideas

10 business ideas

  1. Transport Business

Transportation is a versatile business everywhere because it start from a riksha and you can establish your local bus transport company. For this business you don’t have to be much literate but the thing required is just the investment. In Pakistan this is also a successful business that is low investment and big earning source. There are various local and government transportation companies in Pakistan which are providing convenient facilities that can establish your career in the best way.


2. Food Delivery

Set a weekly menu, target locations with huge number of offices, prepare all the food at home, and get a delivery man to deliver the lunch. Food may include baking customized cakes, desi food, fast food etc. Because food business is always successful.


3. Tutoring

The most suitable small business for students in Pakistan. If you’re really good at studies and can explain things better, let your juniors benefit from it and you can make reasonably good money. Take groups for better earning.

4. Dairy Business

Milk is a food item that is used everyday in every home from toddlers to parents. There are many example that people who have now hundreds of cows and buffaloes once started from just a single or two animals. Dairy business may include dairy farming, milk supply and supply of sweet.


5. Property/Real Estate

Land appreciates quickly in Pakistan these days, and there is increasing demand for housing structures. It can be done part time too; you just need to keep an eye on properties around. Connect the buyers and sellers and have your commission.


6. Photography

One of the most trending business includes photography. It can be of different events i.e parties, weddings and tours. For a start, get your sense of photography displayed online with a quick portfolio, do some volunteer photography for a wedding or a corporate event and distribute your business card.


7. Event Management

If you’re really good at managing events, or you’ve been organizing stuff in your college or university, why not to en cash your skill and make business out of it!

8. Online Retailing

Buying some products from wholesale market and sell them off online. Facebook Ads are the easiest way to find customers. Think what people around you might be looking for and you can find it at wholesale rate.

9. Salons

By having a sense of styling and expertise in hair cutting, you make a great hair salon business.


10. Web Designing, Content Writing

The option for web designers, software developers and content writing is also developing, but you need to get social in real world to get the business rather than just sticking to Facebook and other social sites.

Pakistan is a developing country but with so many opportunities for the citizens. There are hundreds of business which you can start from Rs. 3 Lac to 50 Lac and it can then take you to millionaire in just few years of constituency and dedication.


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