India’s involvement in Balochistan


Three days ago, while checking my Facebook’s usual news feed, I got to know about the Quetta Blast. I hurried upstairs to check the news on Television. My heart cried out loud when I saw more than 70 people had lost their lives. I was more heartbroken to see statements coming from Government Officials, hinting about the involvement of RAW (Intelligence Agency India) in the attack. India’s involvement in Baluchistan has always been pointed. Which lead me to question, are the people of Baluchistan not human enough for us?

Terrorist attacks are not new in Pakistan. You can google as to how many incidents have been happened thus far.

According to media, Chief Minister Mr. Sanaullah Zehri of Balochistan said that the Quetta blast had RAW’s involvement. This statement came out when Baloch and Pakhtuns were mourning and taking dead bodies of their beloved when no one had any idea how many people lost their lives.

Such an act of terror in Quetta is a cause of deep concern because very recently large networks of Indian and Afghan intelligence agencies have been busted in Baluchistan.

On the other hand, the Baluch have been abducted for years, and recently Wahid Baluch was abducted from superhighway in Karachi. Who abducted him?

Is it Pakistan’s foes who have forced the statesmen not to work on the National Action Plan (NAP)?

It is not the first time that people have dead bodies of their beloved on their shoulders. Each attack has left a river of blood.

Let’s be honest here, the Quetta blast has revealed the real face of the NAP and how the government has failed to work on it with any honesty.

Under the nose of the NAP, banned militant organizations are allowed to move in Baluchistan. Who allows them? How can they work freely in the province? What is Chief Minister of Baluchistan doing? Is he not aware of the ‘nationwide movement’ regarding banned militant organizations?

In our country, after every attack, the government starts playing the blame game and never accepts security lapses. India’s involvement is not new, Kashmir is still suffering from the brutalities of the Indian Army.

Our Government needs to take steps for the security of the nationals and take this issue to a higher level instead of keeping their voices low.

  • Message to the Government

We, as a nation say, quit worrying about the international community’s response (or lack thereof). We have bigger, more urgent problems dealing with the convoluted and complex mess brewed up by our own people inside our own borders. And to Pakistan, I say this: you literally had one job.




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