Gwadar will bring bright future for Pakistan


Gwadar has always been government’s favorite topic. Gwader is everywhere. On every newspaper, news channel, billboards in major cities. Even the Army Chief, who is the most loved person in the country, was full of mesmerizing words for Gwadar. Gwadar port, airport, and trade routes are the world-class project. These projects are in front of the world. Good news is that Gwadar will bring bright future to Pakistan.


Gwadar is one of the most attractive destinations for all visionary investors because Gwadar seaport falls among world’s deepest seaports. Gwadar seaport will be connected with the subcontinents, West China, Central Asia, and Afghanistan.

Geo-strategic importance of Gwadar ensures its place on the global investments skyline. It is estimated that Gwadar seaport will increase 50% GDP of Pakistan. Gwadar is the largest project in the entire history of Pakistan.

Economic analysts predicted that in future Gwadar seaport will play the vital role in the economy of Pakistan like Swiss-Canal, Panama Canal, Dubai, Singapore etc.

The China Pakistan Economic Border (CPEC) is full of controversies but whatever the route may be, whether western or eastern, it obviously starts from China and ends in Gwadar. It’s pretty obvious that building Gwadar can be a huge step in the prosperity of this country.

At the start of this year, in an agreement, Pakistan has formally handed over 2,300 acres to China. This agreement will be in the next three years, due to this agreement a smart port city of Gwadar will become an industrial estate. This will be establishing the Gwadar. Pakistan has provided 2300 acres on lease to China for 43 years.

The project will open job opportunities for the inhabitants of the city as well. Regionally, the port provides the shortest possible approach to the Arabian Sea to China, the landlocked Central Asian Republics, and Afghanistan for their transshipment facilities. However, globally, it is the best alternative and a storage port, owing to its potential to handle the major ships and oil tankers. The Port will play a major role in the regional economic development and prosperity. It is therefore desired that rather becoming rivals, India, and other immediate neighbors of Pakistan should play a positive role in the completion of CPEC and development of Gwadar. It indeed is a win-win situation for all.



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