Influence of India in Afghanistan

Influence of India in Afghanistan
Influence of India in Afghanistan

Whilst the Republic of India was the only South Asian country to recognize the Soviet-backed Democratic Republic of Afghanistan in the 1980’s, its relations were diminished during the 1990’s Afghan civil war and the Taliban government. India aided the overthrow of the Taliban and became the largest regional provider of humanitarian and reconstruction aid to Afghanistan. But according to Pakistan, Influence of India in Afghanistan is still very strong.

India’s Influence in Afghanistan

Relations between India and Afghanistan can be traced back to over 2000 years ago. They have always striven to maintain their interests in Afghanistan, especially in the present. Having borne the brunt of civil war and foreign interventions for over three decades, Afghanistan is in dire need of peace and development. There is inadequate security, human rights violations, poor socio-economic conditions, and presence of foreign troops. The development of complex obstacles to accomplishing these needs has been fueled by Afghanistan’s war-torn past.
Recently the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Pakistan relationship have changed a lot and got worse in comparison to past some years especially the Taliban era when most of the Afghan people migrated to Pakistan and had a good relationship with Pakistan Government.
New Delhi is one of the biggest international donors in Afghanistan and has development assistance to the tune of $2 billion to Kabul.

India’s PM has also marked the completion of a nearly $300 million hydroelectric dam project, the latest symbol of Indian investment in its South Asian neighbor. This dam

Pakistan’s concerns that India was using its strong presence in Afghanistan to stir trouble in Baluchistan has been making waves but it has been considered an “overestimated statement” by Indian Allies, America.

On the sideways, Pakistan’s commitment to the Afghan peace process continues.



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