Why Pakistan never host Olympics?


Olympics, the world’s biggest sporting spectacle. They happen after every four years by a single city, divided into summer and winter games. More than 10,000 athletes take part in the summer events alone. This year, 2016, Olympics are being held at Rio De Janeiro also known as Rio 2016. The Rio 2016 Olympics have only just begun but the drumbeat is already rolling for Tokyo 2020. Which raises this question: Why Pakistan never host Olympics? Or Will Pakistan ever get a chance to host Olympics?

Is it because of the majority of Muslims in our country? Olympics have never happened in a Muslim Majority country. Before we recently learned that 2020 summer Olympic Games were officially awarded to Tokyo by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), there were literally hundreds of millions of people around the world who had their fingers crossed earnestly hoping that Istanbul would finally become the first Muslim-majority country in history to ever host the Summer Olympic Games, since it made it to the final round.

But in the final round of voting, Tokyo ultimately beat Istanbul with a final vote of 60 to 36.So Japan will get to host the Olympics for the third time (they also hosted the 1964 Summer Olympics and 1972 and 1998 Winter Olympics) while Turkey has never been chosen even once, despite having been in the running five times.

The Olympic committee urges that one simply cannot argue that Muslim-majority countries do not have the organizational abilities or resources to host.

Talking about Pakistan, there is a huge contradiction between different experts.

Some experts say, our economy is on the verge of a complete breakdown. The rate of increase in poverty and unemployment is very high.
Pakistan still doesn’t have it as bad as India or Bangladesh, but our country has far more urgent issues to deal with than hosting such a massive and costly sports event.

While some are in favor of the debate. They say games give the opportunity to showcase our culture and country to the whole country. We are not a dangerous nation. We should be given a chance to prove this, which can ultimately help in tourism as well. Though hosting games is a very costly affair without hosting a game we can say goodbye to world-class infrastructure.

Meanwhile, our government has not taken any step related to it.

It is always fascinating to listen to your nation’s voice through the mouths of foreigners. So, giving a chance to Pakistan to host Olympic would be a huge chance for proving the country’s worth



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