PML-N vs PTI, the never ending war


In Pakistan, we encounter many ongoing wars. Either it’s about politics, sports or terrorism, there is always an ongoing argument about two conflicting parties. Talking about politics, whichever party is ruling, it always has a contender on the other side. In the present years, we see our people divided into two main groups, PML-N vs PTI, the never-ending war.


The political hype created by a blend of multiple factors has clutched the entire Pakistani nation tight. Every party has girded up its loins and stepped into the battlefield. And so, It’s really hard to predict yet who would come out as a victor.


After being defeated by the PML-N, in the 2013 elections, both the parties are playing ‘blame-game’ since then.

At present, I don’t support either of the parties so let’s discuss objectively this war. In 2013 elections, Imran Khan took the country by storm ‘Tsunami’, as we called. PTI’s supporters chanted the slogan of Tabdeeli (change) while PML-N already had a huge support as they were not new to this business. PML-N took over majority seats in the National Assembly, started many new projects, PTI started many reforms in KPK.

Meanwhile, both the parties keep giving statements against each other, starting from the rigging, Metro Bus, resigning from National Assembly, Shaukat Khanum, Panama Leaks, PM’s heart surgery and what not.

I want to give a short message to both the parties,

I think its time for PTI to accept defeat, let PML-N rule the nation and complete their tenure. PTI has been given a chance to rule KPK, they should consume this offer well and there’s still time to leave a good impression there. Show a good performance there and make their position stable for the next elections.

For PML-N, I’ll say is the ruling party, they should stop making silly mistakes, and its time to repent. You’ve made some very good progress which is quite appreciable so let’s not keep the public’s expectations down.

A message for our public, we have given PML-N a chance to rule so stop discouraging them. Let them take their time and show ‘change’ in our society.

With the coming elections to be held in 2018 in which the PML-N and the PTI will go all out to grab seats in the country. Unless there are proper electoral reforms in this country and technocrats and other professional people are inducted into the decision-making process in the government, we will never have ‘change’ as the word is understood in civilized countries. 


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