Pakistanis facing issues in Saudi Arabia

Pakistanis facing issues in Saudi Arabia
Pakistanis facing issues in Saudi Arabia

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have always been in good terms. Many Pakistanis fly to Saudi Arabia in search of jobs. According to reports more than one lac Pakistanis are living there to feed their families in Pakistan. Recently, Pakistanis stranded in Saudi Arabia are facing various issues. Their visas are expired and possessed by their kafeel. They are not able to return to Pakistan. Reportedly there are more than ten thousand Pakistanis who are stranded in Saudi Arabia currently.

Pakistanis facing issues in Saudi Arabia

Set against the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, it is the heart of the  oil industry. Unsurprisingly, it is also home to most of its migrant workers whose labour populates this sector. Other than migrant workers, mostly Pakistani, Indian, Sri Lankan or from one or another poor labor exporting nation, the oil industrial cities are also home  to the majority of Saudi Arabia’s Shia population.

Some weeks ago, a parliamentary delegation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa led by the Speaker Asad Qaiser called on Adviser to Prime Minister Sartaj Aziz at the Foreign Office. It was informed that the number of such workers is in millions from KP of whom thousands are in jails for no fault of their own while hundreds of thousands are stranded without wages and food in different camps in the far-flung areas of Saudi Arabia.

They also asked the Foreign Office to facilitate these overseas workers in getting their passports renewed easily by increasing the staff deputed and the centers established for such purposes.
They said that the federal government must take up the issues of these workers with regard to the renewal of their Iqamas and performance of Hajj during their stay.

After Saudi’s briefing to Pakistan Embassy,  efforts have been made and that the food supply as well as iqama problem of these workers has been totally resolved while on the one hand the Prime Minister has released special funds for the assistance of their families.

The affected people are being provided with food and medicine in their camps by the Pakistani Embassy in Saudi Arabia.





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