Motorway to Switzerland of Pakistan, Swat


During the initial two years of PTI’s rule in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), the government focused their attention on the improvement of social sector to the relief of the people by initiating reform initiatives in health and education sectors. The current is a year in which the government is focusing on mega projects. Which includes the largest project of province’s history, the inauguration of the motorway to Switzerland of Pakistan, Swat.

Game Changing Swat Motorway

The Swat-Malakand expressway is the first motorway to be built by any provincial government on its own expenses and will reduce the journey from two hours to 45 minutes which will also make will make it easy for tourists. The 81-kilometer road will be completed at a cost of about thirty-nine billion rupees. The road starts from Colonel Sher Khan Interchange on the M-1 and passes through Swabi and Mardan to end in Chakdara.

The Project will be completed by the end of 2017
The Project will be completed by the end of 2017

According to Chief Minister KPK, the project would be a game changer for the entire region and would lead to the rapid development in all backward districts through which it passed.

Also, this will be the first province, which is establishing 81-kilometer long Motorway in Swat by Frontier Works Organization (FWO). It will be a double-carriageway along with a service road. The government will provide Rs 11.5 billion to FWO in 2016 and Rs 6 billion in 2017, while the remainder would be generated from the toll tax of the road. The motorway will be with the FWO for 25 years and the organization will also maintain it.

The Swat Motorway will increase economic activities and ensure easy and quick accessibility to the resource-rich Malakand Division. Also, the scenic Swat valley will become easily accessible to people traveling from Punjab and Islamabad for tourism. Even Mardan and Swabi will be accessible through the motorway from the Malakand Division.


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