History of Taliban


‘Taliban’ a term is very well known to everyone. A name, group, a threat which can create havoc among people in minutes. Ever wondered what this term really means and what is the history of Taliban?  Here are some facts about the Taliban.

History of Taliban

Following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, the Taliban emerged as a resistance movement aiming to eject the Soviet troops from Afghanistan. With the United States and Pakistan providing considerable financial and military support, the Afghan Mujaheddin were able to inflict heavy losses on the Soviet troops.

In late 1994, a group of well-trained Taliban was chosen by Pakistan to protect a convoy trying to open a trade route from Pakistan to Central Asia. They proved an able force, fighting off rival mujaheddin and warlords. The Taliban then went on to take the city of Kandahar, beginning a surprising advance that ended with their capture of Kabul in September 1996.

The Taliban’s popularity with the Afghan people surprised the country’s other warring factions. Many Afghans, weary of conflict and anarchy, were relieved to see corrupt and often brutal warlords replaced by the devout Taliban, who had some success in eliminating corruption, restoring peace, and allowing commerce to resume.

The Taliban, under the direction of Mullah Muhammad Omar, brought about this order through the institution of a very strict interpretation of Sharia. Public executions and punishments (such as floggings) became regular events at Afghan soccer stadiums. Frivolous activities, like kite-flying, were outlawed. In order to root out “non-Islamic” influence, television, music, and the Internet were banned. Men were required to wear beards, and subjected to beatings if they didn’t.

In September, 2001, the U.S. placed significant pressure on them to turn over Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda in response to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. On October 7, after they refused to give up Bin Laden, the U.S. began bombing their military sites and aiding the Northern Alliance. By November 21, the Taliban had lost Kabul and by December 9 had been completely routed.

The U.S. provided $3 billion to build this Islamic group by providing provided ammunition, which they forgot to keep track of after the Soviet war. Thus, the U.S. was taken a back when the millions worth in weapons that they had provided were now being used against them. Since the Taliban was a creation of the Pakistani intelligence agency. Pakistan has been reluctant to fight them. It is said that a lot of Pakistani and other military personal were known to be siding with the Taliban. It has further been said that the U.S. is responsible for providing the Taliban with logistical and military advice, along with military hardware . Therefore the Unites States and Pakistan are accountable for the Creation of Islamic extremist Group called `Taliban’




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