Bright and Economical Future of Pakistan, Vision 2025


Today we mark 69 years of Independence of our beloved country, Pakistan. The month of August has its own charms. It brings out colorful expressions of patriotism among people of Pakistan. This year the joy was doubled, as we marked the second anniversary of Pakistan Vision 2025. In addition to celebrations, we envisaged the bright and economic future of Pakistan, Vision 2025.

Vision 2015

The seven pillars of Vision 2025 are based on the imperatives of embracing change and transformation, and to create new opportunities based on our innate strengths. Pakistan’s untapped potential provides room for optimism that Pakistan could emerge as a great nation and economic power if resources are generated, managed and used efficiently.

Vision 2025 acknowledges the forces of technology and knowledge which have entirely changed the way we conduct transactions, interact with each other, create value, and generate business. The Vision also highlights the imbalance between economic development and social development and suggests policies for improving the socioeconomic indicators of the country. The turnaround from the current state of affairs in most social development indicators including population welfare, poverty, gender mainstreaming, literacy, school enrollment, immunization coverage and access to potable water is promised by investing more in human and social development.

The seven pillars of Vision 2025 include

  • Pillar I: Putting People First – Developing Human and Social Capital
  • Pillar II: Achieving Sustained, Indigenous, and Inclusive Growth
  • Pillar III: Democratic Governance, Institutional Reform & Modernization of the Public Sector
  • Pillar IV: Energy, Water & Food Security
  • Pillar V: Private Sector and Entrepreneurship Led Growth
  • Pillar VI: Developing a Competitive Knowledge Economy through Value Addition
  • Pillar VII: Modernizing Transportation Infrastructure & Greater Regional Connectivity

Pakistan aims to become one of the top 25 economies by 2025 and one of the top 10 economies by 2047; the government has allocated more resources for education and health; infrastructure and energy projects worth $46 billion underway under CPEC.

If Vision 2025 is properly executed. We all are hopeful to see a bright and economic future of Pakistan. Personally, we need to make sure to get an education and keep the literacy rate of our country progress.

Long Live, Pakistan!


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